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Recent Speaking Engagements

Canadian Centre on Substance Use & Addiction’s Issues of Substance Conference (November 14, 2017): “Psychedelic Medicine: New Scientific Findings”

Psychedelic Medicine: New Frontiers in Palliative Care (October 27, 2017—Seattle, WA): “Psychethanasia: Psychedelic Palliation, Entheogenic Education and Learning to Die”

Interface Health Summit (October 17, 2017—Vancouver, BC): “What does the photograph of the whole Earth got to do with VR and mental health?”

Contemporary Drug Problems Conference (August 23, 2017—Helsinki, Finland): “Is ayahuasca a ‘drug’?: Research and policy implications of ontological complexity”

Psychedelic Science 2017 (April 21, 2017—Oakland, CA): “Psychedelics and Policy” [invited panel presentation]

World Ayahuasca Conference II (October 18, 2016—Rio Branco, Brazil): “Global Expansions of Ayahuasca: Philosophical and Political Issues”

World Ayahuasca Conference (October 20, 2016—Rio Branco, Brazil): “Nurturing the Inner Void: Can Ayahuasca Support Recovery from Eating Disorders?”

Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research (June 3, 2016—Amsterdam, the Netherlands): “Nourishing the Spirit: Exploratory Research on Ayahuasca and Eating Disorders” 

Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research (June 5, 2016—Amsterdam, the Netherlands): “Intersections Between the Psychedelic and Drug Policy Reform Movements”

Canadian Public Health Association Conference (May 26, 2015—Vancouver, BC): “Street Drug Testing – Does Canada Have a Public Health Blind Spot?”

World Ayahuasca Conference (September 26, 2014—Ibiza, Spain): “Ayahuasca, Psychedelic Studies and Health Sciences: The Politics of Knowledge and Inquiry into an Amazonian Plant Brew”



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